Cara Install LibreOffice Secara Offline di Ubuntu

Berikut adalah cara menginstall LibreOffice secara offline
yang saya ambil dari file readme pada folder instalasi LibreOffice
hasil download:

Installation of LibreOffice on Debian/Ubuntu-based Linux systems

If you have a previous version of LibreOffice already installed, then
you will need to de-install it before proceeding further. For instructions
on how to do that, please read the section below entitled Deinstallation
of a Previous Version of LibreOffice. For instructions on how to
install a language pack (after having installed the US English version of
LibreOffice), please read the section below entitled Installing a
Language Pack.

When you unpack the downloaded archive, you will see that the contents
have been decompressed into a sub-directory. Open a file manager window,
and change directory to the one starting with "LibO_", followed by the
version number and some platform information.

This directory contains a subdirectory called "DEBS". Change directory to
the "DEBS" directory.

Right-click within the directory and choose "Open in Terminal". A terminal
window will open. From the command line of the terminal window, enter the
following command (you will be prompted to enter your root user's password
before the command will execute):

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

The above dpkg command does the first part of the installation process. To
complete the process, you also need to install the desktop integration
packages. To do this, change directory to the "desktop-integration"
directory that is within the "DEBS" directory, using the following command:

cd desktop-integration

Now run the dpkg command again:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

The installation process is now completed, and you should have icons for
all the LibreOffice applications in your desktop's Applications/Office

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